Origin of Our Name

"Quadrivium", Latin in origin, means "the place where four roads meet". The four roads in our context are (1) the right company, (2) the right buyer, (3) the right capital structure, and (4) the right time. Our firm aims to bring these four components together so that transactions can be completed to the benefit of all stakeholders.


Leveraging proprietary tools and processes, we have a strong track record of identifying off-market investment opportunities. Being independent of any institutional investment criteria or mandates, we bring a flexible approach to structuring transactions.

Since our inception in 2009, we have successfully partnered with first-time and serial entrepreneurs, as well as private equity investors. We are industry agnostic, focusing on opportunities that are optimally suited to our client partners. We have completed transactions in a variety of sectors, including transportation, education, healthcare, distribution, and services. To see select past transactions, click here.

For current owners who are seeking to sell their business, we offer a proven track record of successfully completing transactions. Our flexible approach allows us to structure acquisitions that meet owners’ specific needs and exit time lines. Bringing both capital and new management to the table, we are paving the path for both a smooth ownership and management transition of their firms. Contact us to learn more.